Your friendly neighborhood photographer and videographer

cameras don't just capture pictures, they capture memories

I started my photography journey in 2018 by trying to be a model myself, eventually, I found myself behind the lens with a new passion that led me to lifelong friendships and memories that will never be forgotten.

This led me to begin taking photos of portraits, real estate, events, concerts, cars and motorcycles, landscapes, products, couples, bridals, weddings, and even filming short films, ads, and weddings.

About Me

It's crazy to think that because of a decision I made in 2018 to ignore my parent's advice and drop $1100 of cash to buy my very own Sony A6300 has led me to photograph million-dollar houses around Deer Valley, Park City, Heber City, and even Tooele... It's given me even more opportunities to film 50+ weddings and capture truly what is some people's most magical days of their lives, not just in Utah, but across the country in North Carolina. Most importantly it has given me a platform to teach and inspire people to pick up a camera and learn how they too can start to capture photos they are in love with. Meaning that some of my friends that I hold near and dear to my heart, I have made because of their common interest in cameras.

However, I do specialize in photography, it isn't everything I do and dream about. For one, I love Film and Video, whether that be filming a wedding, making a short clip for a couple they can look at and remember the fun moment, or tearing apart a blockbuster movie and seeing how it was filmed and edited. I love the feeling that video can capture and make you feel. But at the same time, I do have other hobbies and interests, I love talking to people and helping them start their own Business. I also love fitness, I would love to compete on stage in 2024 to see how well I can do and see the limits of my body, at the same time I want to complete an Ironman and a marathon by 2025 (Giant goals for someone who struggles running 8 miles...) I also love to sit down with friends and people that are smarter than me and sit down to get food (Specifically sushi & Mexican) to talk about life, goals, and dreams or how they got where they are today. I also love to read books, which could be self-help books, biographies, or even the scriptures, I enjoy reading any book that comes my way. If the weather is nice and I have a couple of hours, you will probably find me on my motorcycle sending it up the canyon wether that be road on my KZ440 or up the dirt on my IT200, you can almost always catch me riding two wheels in my free time.

But all in all, I am an average guy with big dreams that enjoys capturing moments with his camera. I don't think that part of me will ever disappear, you will probably see me in 90 years on my death bed, holding my camera, taking pictures of the birds outside the window.


Fact 1

My favorite thing to photograph is couples. Some would say I am literally a professional 3rd wheel. But not the annoying kind that won't leave.


Fact 2

I once traveled to St. George for 3 days with $20, the meals I traded for photos, I filmed a youtube vlog, and I slept in my car and on my buddy's floor.


Fact 3

I wholeheartedly believe when god made the horrific spiders, he gave us glorious burritos and tacos as a way of saying sorry.


Fact 4

I prefer sunrises over sunsets. You get to shoot longer, it takes sacrifice so it's more rewarding, and you can get breakfast burritos after you're done.