Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity

Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity

Pricing Packages


Starts $200

Do you need new photos of yourself? It could be for Instagram, seniors, professional headshots, or maybe even for tinder (I'm not here to judge) I will be able to get some. amazing pictures that you can look back on in amazement.


Starts $300

Time for the lovebirds, I will be able to take photos that will look great on that barren living room wall or even glance at your phone wallpaper. All you need is to act like yourselves, ill do all the "hard" work


Starts $1200

It's time for your special day! Don't make the mistake of having aunt Barbra take photos on the camera she found in her basement. I will be the fly on the wall to capture every moment so you can remember it exactly how it went.


I always wanted to get professional portraits, but couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d be too awkward and shy for anything good to come out of it. I heard about Ethan from some mutual friends, and decided to give it a try. I am very glad I did, because I felt extremely comfortable during the whole process! He really did manage to catch “me” through the camera, with hardly any effort necessary on my part.

Robert Frank